Friday -- 25 Shaaban 1426 -- 08 Asvina 1927 -- 30 September 2005

Psychotically Challenged Jalaluddin Ahmed Khan Multiple Personality Disorder Personality Number One (PCJAKMPDPN1) : Jalal, please don't tell you boss that you want your name on the memo.
Psychotically Challenged Jalaluddin Ahmed Khan Multiple Personality Disorder Personality Number Two (PCJAKMPDPN2) : Why not, I wrote the whole damned thing.
PCJAKMPDPN1 : Ok, Dude, you know what he is like.
PCJAKMPDPN2 : Doode! You know I can convince him.
PCJAKMPDPN3 : Shut the hell up, you two always keep yakking and never have sex with the hunk from .
PCJAKMPDPN1 : Dude shut up, you should have been happy he caressed your nipples.
(This ladies and gentlemen is true, he did caress my nipples, but then again it was 2230 and we were all behaving semi psychotic.)
PCJAKMPDPN2 : Sit back and see how good I am with the bosses.

Ten minutes later.

PCJAKMPDPN2 returns in the form of a rotting animal carcass that has just been breathed over by a huge serpent drangon slut!

PCJAKMPDPN1 : See I told you not to go to him. Did he give you more work.
PCJAKMPDPN2 : Yes he did.
PCJAKMPDPN3 : I liked old boss better than new boss since old boss was a nice human and new boss is a serpent dragon slut!
PCJAKMPDPN1 : Shut up you two gay sluts! Let PCJAKMPDPN4 finish his blog post.

PCJAKMPDPN3 : Oh shut up! I remember being with Jalal in his car today. Windows open, full blast of wind, singing loudly enough for others to stare at him.

PCJAKMPDPN5 : My God! I have a fever right now. I am not feeling well at all. It is very hot but I have turned the fan off. I am feeling extremely hot but the fan makes it worst. So basically as I sit here, I am sweaty wet, feeling very hot, feeling very very horny. Hmmmmmm. Can we please finish the damned post so I can get back to being normal again. You know I dont like company.

PCJAKMPDPN1 : PCJAKMPDPN4 DUDE! Finish your damned job already!

PCJAKMPDPN4 : Ohk, ohk, goodbye everyone.

Sunday -- 19 Shaaban 1426 -- 02 Asvina 1927 -- 24 September 2005

One, sorry for not writing for so long and causing you so much anxiety and depression, my home computer was not working for the past one week, my office internet was off for the past three weeks.

Two, I learnt that I am a sex starved slut after all. Two guys came into my office and applied for the same post. Both had the same qualifications and both were equally competent as far as the interview goes. One of them was so hot that I was passing by the waiting area over and over again.

So, basically, to cut the long story short, I hired him and not the other guy.

Shame, shame, shame!