So much bloodshed. So much destruction. This vile lust for power and seats and glory. And what of the masses huddled in front of their televisions looking with horror at what we have become.

What of us? What of me? What of my friend Imran sitting in his balcony trying to catch of glimpse of his brother coming home? What of my colleage Ahmed whoes uncle was going for the rally? What of my friend Amina who lives in an apartment overlooking the carnage?

This is not Beirut. This is not Calcutta. This is not Bohemia. This is Karachi.

What have we become.


At 08:56, Anonymous Rohit Mittal said...

"This is not Calcutta. This is Karachi."

And is there a point to that comparative statement?

Yes, Karachi isn't Calcutta. Thats why Daniel Pearl was beheaded there. That's why terrorists like Dawood Ibrahim have found a safe haven there for years.

Frankly I don't see why you are surprised. And I definitely don't see how you can compare your city or any city in Pakistan with an Indian metropolis and appear to be indignant about the shortcomings of the former. Wake up... both our countries reached 60 years of independence recently. The world reached out and covered the progress of the Indian machine on front pages of prominent publications. And for Pakistan - issued travel warnings.

Of course, you will not publish this comment. Is it because you are not confident of your ability to defend your views that you have comment moderation turned on? Or maybe you have to do that in a country like Pakistan where you are not free to express opinions and have an open blog.


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