Saturday - 17 Rabi us Sani 1428 - 15 Vaisakh 1929 - 05 May 2007

It seems that Pakistan is in the midst of a revolution of sorts.

The Jasmine Revolution.

Non violent defiance of unconstitutional means. Slow and steady with the support of the general public. Apparently directed against known figures. But in reality, symbolizing the fact that we have indeed reached critical mass. Enough educated and self aware Pakistanis to finally raise their voice against what is wrong. By the volume of people present, it is clear that this process will not stop.

We have finally learnt how to demand and then to win through non violent means what is our right. The sky is the only limit.

I am happy; and hopeful.


At 18:40, Anonymous maryam said...

i like the term you've coined.

non violent though? i'd say not.


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