Friday - 23 Rabi us Sani 1428 - 21 Vaisakh 1929 - 11 May 2007

Have just come back from a very long drive through a very large portion of the city. Shahra e Faisal is closed at Tipu Sultan. Security personnel are visible. The city is uncharacteristically calm. The throughfares are solitary. Like the sudden calm during the deep breath before the plunge. But, a plunge into what? Tomorrow is a day when to quite an extent the future of our country will be decided. On the streets. For better or worse. And, for all we know, we don't know anything. Anything can happen. Anything may happen. It will effect us all. But, we do not know it at all.

It is like a building crashing overhead. It might crash on us, or it might now. The stakes are very high. The absolute lack of clarity or control very complete. Utter and absolute sense of impotence.

Waiting with baited breath as the future of my nation unfolds. Before my very eyes with me as a completely powerless bystander.

Tomorrow will tell.


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