For the sake of this city and it's citizens, I think it would be prudent for people to shift away from the blame game. The firing of even one bullet is a collective failure of the Political Parties, Political Activists, Intelligentsia, Thinkers, and all citizens of this city. Noone is to blame, but we all are.

It is the failure of us as a collective that we are not able to develop a political system clean of violence. It is our fault and our fault only. We will praise every nation we go to. But we will not adapt anything good. What better is there in the world than the place one calls home.

The CJ should return to Islamabad, his staying here will not change the status quo, but his going back might. It is a small chance, but when you are losing lives in an absolute anarchy situation you have to take chances.

In my capacity as a citizen of this city, which might not amount to much in anyone's eyes, but at the end of the day I as a citizen am all there is to things, I would request the CJ to return to Islamabad. It is a difficult decision since I have supported the CJ since Day 1. But if there is one iota of a chance of improving the situation it is this. And we must take it.


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