Sunday - 29 Muharram 1428 - 29 Maagh 1928 - 18 February 2006

It has been some time.

But then again. What is work for. All 80 work hours per week of it. And how interesting that once you start to get overworked your boss gives you a lot of space in what you are allowed to say.

But then again low quality managers, fast reducing overly weighty women and stupid tea boys aside. Work can be interesting experience. One does learn. And I am trying to give the concept of work a lot of the benefit of doubt here.

You learn that one must know about Cricket and Cars because invariably most conversations do end up suddenly within the bounds of these two topics. Topics I would rather not discuss given my complete lack of interest in both of them.

One can see by the condition of my car.

At times I don’t even lock my car. It still hast been stolen. Maybe that is due to the process one needs to follow to be able to open my car and start it.

Oh well. Another week beckons.


At 10:51, Anonymous Zag said...

Hey you are back, and hey the blogger comment box is working again.... this shitty blogger has been having fits and cuz of that i can't leave comments on any of the blogger blogs that i read.... but anyway good to have you back, now can u please update more often and oh do move to wordpress and end this torture that pta has put us in...

At 06:27, Blogger goblinbox said...

I can discuss cars. Not Cricket, though. I have no idea how it's played. It's completely baffling.

At 06:27, Blogger goblinbox said...

Cricket is completely baffling.

At 01:30, Anonymous xill-e-ilahi said...

now was that my workplace you were describing or your own?

At 06:54, Blogger goblinbox said...

Where are you? Come write posts!


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