Friday - 02 Ziqaad 1427 - 03 Agrahayana 1928 - 24 November 2006

Strangely Sexy Male Attendant Giving Out Stored Effects (SSMAGOSE) - Danger Power's personal effects.
Austin Powers (AP) - Actually my name is Austin Powers.
SSMAGOSE - Says here your name Danger Powers.
AP - No no no no no. Danger is my middle name.
SSMAGOSE - Ok, Austin Danger Powers, one blue crushed velvet suit.
AP - Oh, yes. All right.
SSMAGOSE - One frilly lace Cravatte.
AP - There it is!
SSMAGOSE - One silver medallion with 'male' symbol. One pair of Italian boots.
AP - Bonjourno boys.
SSMAGOSE - One vinyl record album. Burt Bacharach plays his hits.
AP - Oh yes
SSMAGOSE - One Swedish made penis enlarger pump.
AP - That's not mine.
SSMAGOSE - One credit card receipt for Swedish made Penis enlarger; signed by Austin Powers.
AP - I'm telling you baybee, thats not mine.
SSMAGOSE - One warranty card for Swedish made penis enlarger pump, filled out by, Austin Powers.
AP - I dont even know what this is, this sort of thing aint my bag baybee.
SSMAGOSE - One book, 'Swedish-made penis enlarger pumps and me: (This sort of thing is my bad, Baby)" by Austin Powers.
AP - Ah!
SSMAGOSE - Just sign the form.
AP - Ok, ok, ill sign it, just to get things moving, you know.

Ohk, so, is it more geeky that I know this exists, or that I actually remembered these lines.

Oh behave!

Good God!



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