Friday -- 07 Shaaban 1427 -- 10 Bhadon 1928 -- 01 September 2006

An interesting day, the first of September. It is a general strike in Pakistan, hence my long blissfully slothful day at home. Lingering on.

And, as always, September brings with it good news and bad, good news that another year has parted and gone by well, bad news that I shall be an year older and find it one notch more difficult to find wild passionate sex atop white bedsheets on a sultry summer day.

You will have to excuse me. It is the traditional month of Bhadon, very hot and very humid. The spice of Kipling's India. The weather turns one into a beast that obeys all its primal urges. Hence my illusions to things that would seem slightly sudden keeping the previous history of my blog.

My return to the world of blogging after a rather long stay outside seems to have started with a rather strongly worded and unusual post. But, then again, people change, things happen.

In my life, somethings have changed, I have changed from a Psychotic Sarcastic Journalist to a Psychotic Sarcastic Corporate Capitalist Pig! In as such that I am not a part of the Corporate Executive machinery at another company. One, that I must add has a very large collection of very acceptable men.

So it would seem that my shift for a better pay package has indeed ended up giving me a better overall package experience. But of course that remains to be seem. I have not had any change to make any plans for the super sized Oak table in the conference room with the projectors.

So, I raise my cup of extra strong hot tea to all of you, TO LIFE!!!


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