Sunday - 27 Muharram 1427 - 07 Phalguna 1927 - 26 February 2006

Wassup? Wazup? Wasup? Wazzup? Waszup?

And how are all of you frikking imbeciles and morons with slighly deficient brain cells out there? I realize I havent been coming online but that is simply because of my excessive work hours; to the tune of thrice the European standards; and my complete psychological and intellectual collapse.

Ohk. So, basically, I need the following things, not in order of importance,

- This wonderfully excellent suit I saw the other day.
- Bruce's telephone number so I can call the fucking whore-slut.
- A boyfriend.
- Excessive loss of weight.
- A sense of humour.
- A guy I can cheat on my boyfriend with.
- A beautiful yet perfect house on the beach.
- Another guy I can see on the side and compare with the first two guys.
- A sense of time and space so I can start to order my life.

Oh and yes, all of bitches out there who think that Apples are better than Mangoes, go fuck yourself; I hate you; we are never having sex.

So, basically this is how worked up I can get when I have just exercised and havent had my morning tea followed by a game of Pacman.

Which reminds me, my Pacmania has gone through the roof. What the hell are your highest scores in Pacman anyways. I am pretty sure I have the highest scores.

p.s - Please dont hate me because I have a complete lack of any concepts of continuity of thought.


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