Friday - 29 Shawwal 1426 - 11 Agrahayana 1927 - 02 December 2005

You realize that you are a perverted homosexual slut when you look at the new guard at your office and you realize that he is built like fucking hell and seems cute and you start staring at his crotch even though you know that he is looking at you look at his package and dont break your stare for even one moment and then when you are driving back by the same guy you look him straight in the eyes without stopping and you actually flick your tongue at the guy as his jaw drops open and then when you can only look at his back view in the rear view mirror you call him a sexy-bitch-daddy.

In case any one of you sub humans with a severly impaired capability of understand things does not understand what I am trying to say. Then, I can only say that I am a perverted homosexual slut.

Oh, and yes, if you, for some reason beyound all sense of normalcy and intelligence, desire to exchange pictures you have to fall into the following criterion. a - you have to be a male human being. b - you have to be a human male specimen. c - you have to be a guy. As for women who think they can turn me straight, I am very impressed by your talents but if you try to convert my people, I am going to drop kick you and tell you to let my people go.

Oh, and yes, in reference to the previous post, "extremely long sentences stop making sense", they do stop making sense but they are fucking amazing.


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