Sunday -- 22 Rajab 1426 -- 06 Bharda 1927 -- 21 August 2005

So, I go to Quetta for a couple of days. I remember it as a sleepy boring semi town in the older days. Then something happened that I did not expect.

I was taken to a concern in Quetta. And I have never seen a collection of such extremely sexable men in such a small place in my life. I have to say, Quetta has by far the cutest men in the world. And, apparently Quetta is notorious for being a very gay town.

DOH! Have you even frikking seen the guys there, no wonder they are gay.

Now that I have sortof calmed down from now nicotine and caffeine starved semi testosteroned rave, I shall go and eat spicy oily chiken while you all read this and imagine all those sexy guys.

Ba bya!

Note to self : Jalal, you are too fucking gay! Calm the fuck down!


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