Sunday -- 27 Rabi us Sani 1426 -- 15 Jyaistha 1927 -- 05 June 2005

Yet another embarrasing story in the story of my life.

Whenever I am in an elevator, and I am alone, then as soon as the doors close I act as if I am supporting the weight of the thing. I bukle my knees, I raise my hands, I make a stance that says that I hold up this box that contains my life. Oh shut up, get out of your pseudo intellectual reverie.
But, I promise, I promise, promise, promise, promise, promise. I stop it before the doors open and others have the capability of spying me.

Yesterday I got over excited, thanks to too much coffee, tea and cigarettes. I was overacting the part and jumping up and down as well as holding the weight up. So, when the door opened I couldnt see it but everyone else could see me jumping up and down.

Noone boarded the elevator.


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