Sunday -- 11 Jamadi ul Awwal 1426 -- 29 Jyaistha 1927 -- 19 June 2005

Dear Jalal,

You have learnt the following things at work.

1 - You are growing more insane with time as opposed to growing more sober as is the case generally.
2 - You can not stop yourself from going to office on Sundays and staying as late as you possibly ca.
3 - You are more worried about why you are not worried about work rather than about why you have more work than can be done.
4 - You are happy with so much work that you can not even finish it.
5 - You are realizing that there something very very very wrong with you that you cannot cure.
6 - The guy whose car you were sitting in smoking is definitely gay and if you had made any moves you would have started to get some regular sex in the office.
7 - People will always have time for smoking, idle banter and food.
8 - People will never have time for you when you drop in all of a sudden and start dropping Mayonnaise on their important paperwork.
9 - If you wear a shirt inside out at work again everyone will think you are crazy and not that it was a random mistake.
10 - You are thanking Allah that the shirt was so specially built that it looks nearly the same inside out as well.
11 - You have slipped twice while running in your office.
12 - You are not to laugh while drinking water again or you will only end up repeating Tuesdays incident with the printouts and the water.
13 - Never laugh so loud that you start to snort like a pig in front of your superiors and subordinates.
14 - Never lust after your coworkers when you do not have the time to even go to the loo.


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