Saturday -- 22 Safar 1426 -- 12 Caitra 1927 -- 02 April 2005

For all practical, legal and rational purposes it is the 3rd of April as I sit in front of my keyboard typing. My fingers are quivering and I have to correct every word thrice. My eyes are closing by themselves and they are burning up when I keep them open. I have no idea why, but I want to blog right now and nothing can come in the middle of this.

My day started at 0830. I first looked at my watch and thanked God that I had finally managed to sleep uptill 1230. Then I watched the watch closer. The horrible truth dawned on me. I have been employised. I wake up early even on weekends. I am one of 'those'.

My actual day began at about midday when one of my friends called me over. I was reluctant at first, seeing as how the MMA (the extremist right wing semi crazed religion worshipping idiots for the uninitiated) had called a strike and had decided to make the lives of ordinaty citizens hell.

In any case I went over to meet the guy. We decided to hang out; drive around; have a beer each; God I still hate beer; drive around; eat out; drive around. Then I dropped him off and went to another friends. This was about evening.

I woke him up just in time for sunset. We decided to hang out; have tea; drive around; meet up with his girlfriend and her friend; hang out; drive around. Then my third group of people for the day called me and I took my car and went to them.

I got there just in time. We decided to hang out; drink; talk; drink; watch cheap music videos on tv; drink; listen to music; drink; talk; drink. Until we were totally wasted except the designate driver. Then we took him. We headed out. Screaming in the car and behaving like a bunch of morons for hours and hours.

Then, when we were completely tired, we went to 'Damascus'. There we had water, sheesha and cokes. Good stuff. Then I drove back all the way home.

I just got in and I apologize if I made you read all the above and didnt write it well. I have no idea if I have written it well or not. So yet again I am sorry, and in case you have decided to crib about this even after being told no a second time! Go get kicked by a cow! ! HAH!


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