Monday -- 24 Safar 1426 -- 14 Caitra 1927 -- 04 April 2005

And, I present before you some late night madness.

I am feeling very paranoid on account of something recently. So paranoid that I can blog about the idea but not about the details.

What the hell do I do now?
Oh shut up Jalal, and stop acting like a psychotic imbecile.
I am psychotic? I am psychotic? Hello, Kettle!
Oh please, anyone who has met you knows you are more pscyhotically screwed up than me.
You are a frikking alternate personality inside me you moron! What the hell are you talking about being screwed up!
Dude, that was below the belt.
Shut up! It is my belt!
No it is not, I was the one that gave the idea of getting the black belt.
That is only because you are in my brain and I thought of it first.
JALAL! shut up and stop calling it your brain!
It is my frikking brain!
Wait till I take over, then this will all be over.
No it wont, I wont let you take over.
Get off of my body.
No you get off.
No you get off.
No you get off.
No you get off.
No you get off.
No you get off.
Dude, you ripped my shirt.
I am sorry.
It is ok.
I love you man.
I love you too man.
Can we please go back to being normal again?
Only if you promise not to fight infront of others again.


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