Sunday -- 16 Safar 1426 -- 06 Caitra 1927 -- 27 March 2005

Ok, this post is written by Mr B. Under my supervision of course. So here he goes ...

obviously the self proclaimed expressionist would be all cherry and peaches about himself...but reality is a bitch and erm according to him i am a slut..therefore here it goes.... he is one mother fucking sexy asshole....he is a dickhead too, he is opinionated...just the way i like it...proclamations proclamations...i wouldnt call it a temporary thing from my behalf atleast..yes i'm as smitten as santa's christmas gift socks waiting to be filled up with pervert...guess what mister jalal decides to say when i say that last sentence....he thinks about sex... :S...he fills me up good, just right..and we havent even had sex as of yet..what to do mister and misses....i might throw some shoots i might even miss em but hell this sure came out to be a three pointer.....all the way down till the bottom of my soul.....
i wanna write on and on and on and on and on and on and on andon andon


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