Friday -- 29 Muharram 1426 -- 20 Phalguna 1926 -- 11 March 2005

Ahhhh, Fridays, the day when everyone I know goes off for Friday prayers and I do not.

A day when everone I know asks me when I will get ready for the prayers and I tell them I am not going. And then they all look at me with horror, disgust, despair and apathy in their eyes, as if to say, oh, we are so sorry for you and angry at you at the same time. We wish that you save yourself from the fires of hell by good deeds, which is in our eyes only a futile wish since you are one of those who miss Friday prayers.

Once again, we are sorry you are going to go to hell even though we like you so much our paths will be different after the end.

Now, any normal person would just start going for the Friday prayers after this happeneing week in week out. But not me. I am different. I like to oppose and contradict people for the fun of it.

May Allah bless me!


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