Wednesday -- 29 Zilhaj 1425 -- 20 Magha 1926 -- 09 February 2005

I am sick and tired of this layout with its extremely aesthetically beautiful style and its pretensious I am better than everyone else attitude. There are going to be changes in the next few days.

On a more self depricating (and hence more normal) note. Did I just make fun of how fat women would just start rolling if they fell down, in front of my extremely annoying back biting and extremely fat female neighbour?

Oh, I think I just did. Goddamnit!

Now she is going to tell everyone that I am a horrible person. She is going to tell everyone that I stare at girls and makes fun of other people. And that I am not regular with all of my religious duties. And that I drive my car too angrily in the street.

I had such a good reputation in my neighbourhood. I was the guy who only talks to everyone for less than two minutes at a time. Hence I was very very nice to everyone and they all loved me.

I hate fat female neighbours that I have been insensitive to.


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