Tuesday -- 21 Zilhaj 1425 -- 12 Magha 1926 -- 01 February 2005

Today I went on a blind date. The guy is exactly what I want. Exactly.

- He likes to sleep around. I want a guy who sleeps around.
- He (according to himself) has a huge thing. I want a guy with a huge thing.
- He has a raw masculinity. I want a guy with raw masculinity.
- He is complete undiluted pure top. Of the things that I want a pure undiluted top is one of them.
- He (according to himself) indulges in wild sex. I want a guy who indulges in wild sex.
- He can keep going for 1.5 hours. Doh, I am gay aint I?
- He is completely independent. I want a guy who is completely independent.
- He has a complete go-fuck-yourself attitude. I want a guy who has a go-fuck-yourself attitude.

But unfortunately I havent had sexual experience. He on the other hand is some sort of a sex God. So despite my absolute desire to have him I dont think I will.



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