Sunday -- 17 Muharram 1426 -- 08 Phalguna 1926 -- 27 February 2005

A long long weekend.

I have realized that I do not like weekends. They give me too much time to think. They give me too much time to think about things that I spend my life running away from.

I love talking. I love partying. I love being in large groups. I love doing things which are fast and violent paced. Things where I have to think fast and give a result. Things where I am not allowed to dwell upon things too long to move off into tracks of thought that I do not like.

Running away. Running away. Running away.

نہ محبت ہے۔ نہ کسی گزری محبت کی یادیں ہیں۔ نہ کسی محبت کی امیدیں۔ نہ کسی کھوئی محبت کی باتیں۔ نہ کسی ادھوری محبت کی امیدیں۔ نہ کوئی آنے والی محبت کی سوچ۔ یعنی کوئی بھی غم جاناں ہی نہیں۔

I talk a lot. Whenever I am with anyone I talk a lot. I love talking. Talking talking talking. I talk and talk and talk. I have been told by everyone I am with that I talk too much. Every friend of mine, every acquaintance tells me that I talk too much. They tell me to shut up. They tell me to stop yapping. On a constant basis.

The worst is that I realize that I am a bit hard and irritating to be with. Actually that is not the worst. The worst is that I cannot control this.


See, I did it again in this post. Maybe if I tried to have some cool exotic style?

What say you?


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