Monday -- 04 Muharram 1426 -- 25 Magha 1926 -- 14 February 2005

Ok. I got up today. Spent the whole day as I usually do. Talking animatedly to myself in different accents while driving. Chirping around like one of those more obnoxious brids who seem too happy. Finding faults with people and nagging and criticizing till my breath departs me. You know, the usual.

Then I read yesterdays post. And I have to say I am sorry about that. I had no idea I was feeling that strongly at that time. So now I know. At least this blog is helping me understand myself in some way.

Oh, and yes, today I did something I love doing on the road. There was this car with a group of guys. The car was made to race and show off. So when I came besides them I sped up to tease them. And understandably he matched my speed. Soon I had started to race with him. Now, something happened that can only happen in dreams, and mind you I have very very strange dreams. No! Sicko! We didnt have hot sweaty sex in a grouped up ball besides the road. When happened was that we stopped at the traffic light.

I started revving up ... roooom ... rooooom ... WROOOOOMMMMMMMM. And understandably he did the same. Until we were both revving up our engines waiting for the green light to come on so we can prove ourselves.

When the light became green he shot ahead at an incredible speed accompanied by incredibly loud engine noise. I just moved at the normal pace of the traffic with me. He realized a few seconds later what had happened and decided to call off the race.

I love being an evil evil evil man.


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