Thursday -- 16 Zilhaj 1425 -- 07 Magha 1926 -- 27 January 2005

Let me share with you an epitome of my psychosis - abnormal bathroom mirror conversation number 5 of 2005.

After getting ready in the morning I looking like a model who is also a male stud. I was standing infront of the mirror admiring the beauty that I saw.

And then this happened.

Jalal - Dude, you are HOT!
Me - I beg your pardon!
Jalal - Dude, you are HOT!
Me - Man, you are one disgusting pig. Piglet. Piglet!
Jalal - You never did pay attention to me did you?
Me - We are not going to have this converstion Jalal.
Jalal - Why not? Why do you always push me away?
Me - Oh my God. Now listen, you one alternate personality freak show, I am not attracted to you. Get over it and leave me alone.
Jalal - See, this is typical of you, you always want to run away from me. I know this because I know that you try to run away from mr since you cannot keep your hands off of me.
Me - Oh my God. Grow the hell up and stop acting like a jerk. Lets do one thing, I will take you out so you can cruise guys.
Jalal - I do not want other men, I want you.
Me - Go to hell.
Jalal - I will not leave you.
Me - (This is the point where I fog the mirror and run away from Jalal.)
Jalal - Come back ... come back ... c o m ....
Me - Hahhahahahah ! Beat that freak again.

The scariest thing is that they are both me.

I need to go see a psychiatrist.


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