Monday -- 28 Ziqaad 1425 -- 20 Pausa 1926 -- 10 January 2005

I have no idea where the "Whatever / whatever" and the "Who is this? / Duh" posts that you much be wondering at came from.

There are a few possibilities.

1 - Someone has hacked into my blog and did this for fun and kicks.
2 - Someone has hacked into my blog and did this as a malicious attack because I am better than him.
3 - Someone did not know how to comment and hence he had to hack into my blog to be able to communicate with me.
4 - My pyschological condition has reached a state where I have a completely full blown multiple personality disorder and one of my alternative personalities did wrote the posts.
5 - While chatting on MSN yesterday I used these exact words and somehow I typed them twice and published them.

I am more inclined to believe number 5. But, if I am allowed to think over it I will start believing in 4. In case 3 is true, than, email me man, Ill tell you what you need to know. In case it is 1 or 2 I would rather let sex handle inter personal problems. So, are you free on Tuesday?


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