Monday -- 06 Zilhaj 1425 -- 27 Pausa 1926 -- 17 January 2005

Today when driving back home I got stuck in traffic. In lanes got jumbled in a way that the traffic coming from the other direction became very slow. Suddenly I realized that there was a car right in front of me with a female driver. She was inching closer and then she got stuck due to my car. She felt as if I was the reason stopping the traffic.

So when she crossed my car she stared at me with a smouldering angry look with a go fuck yourself stare. Due to her attitude I realized that I can actually sexually want women as well. Now I am sure, the straight guys reading this will understand this, that I wanna break beds and scream till people call the police.

I am such a slut. From being a homosexual who wants to love I became a homosexual who wants sex to a bisexual who wants sex. I am sure you realize the direction that I am moving in.


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