Friday -- 17 Zilhaj 1425 -- 08 Magha 1926 -- 28 January 2005

I just need some opinions on a couple of things.

Just reply with a yes and no answer for the following questions.

Q1 - Is it ok to tell someone that they are average looking if they are as ugly as rotten dead pigs?
Q2 - Is it ok to get so angry at someone who breaks a red light and nearly hits you that you scream out at him/her?
Q3 - Is it ok to tell a guy that you are sleeping with his boyfriend or can you just tell him that his boyfriend is sleeping with "someone"?
Q4 - Is it ok to say "come to mamma", lightly to yourself, when you see a very hot guy?
Q5 - Is it ok to not return a borrowed book as long as your own books are not returned?
Q6 - Is it ok to tell something that he / she is stupid and then make fun of them?
Q7 - Is it ok to cheat of your boyfriend as long as he does not find out about it?

Bruce and H are not allowed to read on.

Q8 - What do I do when two of my very good friends are together; I spend a lot of time with both of them; the only thing they talk about is each other; I end up accidentally telling them things told to me in confidence? What the hell do I do when I am in this situation?


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