Thursday -- 19 Shawwal 1425 -- 11 Agrahayana 1926 -- 02 December 2004

I will always remember today as the first-time-I-rode-a-motorbike-fiasco-day. And it was all of those things.

I ordered one of my friends to teach me how to ride a motorbike. He told me everything in a two minute how-to and then he put me on a bike and told me to go nuts.

Well, I did do that. I started it and it started to move slowly. After that, things are a blur. But let me give you a brief list of things I remember.

1 - I remember the bike going faster and faster.
2 - I remember the bike going so fast that the front wheel actually got off the ground once.
3 - I remember screaming like a teenage school girl.
4 - I remember frantically jerking both handles because I forgot one of them is the accelerator.
5 - I remember trying my best to press the left handle stick and the brake simultaneously.
6 - I remember trying to pull the keys out of the iginition and failing.
7 - I remember screaming like a middle aged woman during Oprah.
8 - I remember all this happening in a span of about five seconds or fifty meters.
9 - I remember the motorbike falling on someones garden and stopping.
10 - I remember groaning a lot after that.

As God is my witness, I will learn to ride a bike.

Once I do that I will tell possible sex mates to sit behind me, very close, while I scare them with my antics.

Hmmmmm, I think I hit my head on the curb too hard. So the five inch scar that I have on my neck does actually matter in my long term mental health.


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