Wednesday -- 12 Ramazan 1425 -- 05 Katik 1926 -- 27 October 2004

Today I had my first 'Aftar party' for Ramazan. Went out with college friends, rather, went to one of my friend's house. He lives alone and that is why we eventually end up crashing at his place. I can say that Aftari is as wonderful when it is a completely new cuisine as it is otherwise.

During the course of the evening we learnt that one of our friends has just been rejected by a family whome his family had approached for marriage. So, obviously all the time was spent in making fun of the poor guy. We actually ended up counting, and then writing down, 34 reasons why noone would want to give their daughter in marriage to him. I would want to say poor guy. But someone who makes us laugh like drunk coyotes for hours on end is not one to be pitied.

Ahhhhhh. The good times! Oh, actually no. Not "ahhhh the good times". Rather, "the good times!". Since we are going to have a much enlarged version of todays events in about a week. Larger party, more points to ponder why M was rejected by the girl's family.


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