Thursday -- 13 Ramazan 1425 -- 06 Kartika 1926 -- 28 October 2004

Today I had to go to a funeral. It has been a long long time since I last went to one. Frankly, I wasn't prepared for it.

The part where I had to give a shoulder to the funeral bier (کندھا دینا) and carry it to a mosque and then to the graveyard was very emotionally and mentally challenging. I was carrying a person. A completely person with all the accompanying things. Then when I was throwing dust on the grave I had a strange feeling that it was my own. Can't tell you how creepy it was. But it was a hell lot more scary than watching Oprah.

Life is so so fleeting. Here now, gone suddently. Very very fleeting. Better make the best of what we have. Spent every moment so there are no regrets later on in life.


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