Sunday -- 09 Ramazan 1425 -- 02 Katik 1926 -- 24 October 2004

Well I hope you are happy!!!

Actually I dont. I just wanted to say that and see how it seems. It seems retarded. So I will not do it any more.

Another day in Ramazan and another Roza (fast). Nothing to eat or drink from daybreak till sunset.Oh, and yes, no sex during this period of time as well. The not eating part doesn't bother me, the not drinking part makes my life hell. Thirst is the silent killer for my fasting days. By sunset I am so thirsty that I could actually drink sea water.

So, to all of you out there who are fasting, have a good Roza!

And a very very very belated Ramazan Mubarak!.


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