Saturday -- 08 Ramazan 1425 -- 01 Katik 1926 -- 23 October 2004

I told you all about the hunk I saw a couple of days ago when I had to go to a computer shop to buy a CD. If I didnt I am sorry for the oversight. I have told you now. OK. I will stop apologizing and go on with the story. No, seriously, I will stop now.

Seeing that I am such a computer person I overused my mouse and "accidentally" broke it. Of course I loved the previous mouse and would not have hurt it on purpose. I just dropped it and it broke. Eliciting a short trip to the computer store. Yet again.

Once there I realized that the guy was alone, again. I suddenly remembered that I have to get a set of headphone, maybe because there were too many and I may take a bit of time to decide which one to take.

Oh, and yes, the guy was hitting on me. Not blatantly, because there were four other people in the same place. But he was definitely hitting on me. Suffice to say that I have had a severe adrenaline rush for the last four hours.

Oh, and yes, if you read this blog - you would know who I am. Email me at You will learn that I need to learn that "it is ok to say no".


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