Friday -- 14 Ramazan 1425 -- 07 Kartika 1926 -- 29 October 2004

Oh man, I am so so so so sick today. I have a horribly sore throat. I have a fever. My whole body is aching. Hmmmm, is there anything left? Oh, yes, I also have an upset stomach, brain, eye, nose and gray matter.

I spent the whole day lying in bed and groaning. I love groaning. It makes it so much more classique. Lying in bed groaning, telling everyone that the wind is about to take you away. Well, then again, maybe it is not classique, maybe it is morbid.

But I have a 101.3 degree fever and I am sure I am reasonably delirious and I can say all this.

Oh and to top it all. I indulged in my favourite activity while I am sick. I indulged in my favourite activity.


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