30 Rajab 1425 -- 25 Bhadon 1925 -- 16 September 2004

When I was in college very few of my friends were told by me that I am gay. Most others realized it, because, apparently, it was very apparent.

One day a friend comes up to my room and makes sure we are alone. Then he says "Jalal since you are so gay and all, tell me one thing". I asked what. He said that one of the players on the South African Cricket team was gay. Then he asked me if I know which one was gay. I thought for five minutes. Then I told him who I thought it was. He stood there with his mouth open. I was right. Then he finally managed to agree that I am gay and that I wasnt just doing it for the attention.

Well what can I say. I have a very good gaydar.

Oh, and yes, please stop emailing and acting shocked that you have been reading my blog for a month and just found out that I was gay when I said it in my blog. I mean good God!

Hmmm, I think I did it again.


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