16 Rajab 1425

I had a huge fight with ammi (mother) today. She was being very very unreasonable. 15 minutes after the fight I got a sudden idea to see how would it seem if I were in her place. Then I realized that I was being unreasonable. Very very unreasonable. So I went back to her and apologized. And told her about a story where someone's son dies. She accepted the apology.

I am such an emotional blackmailing bitch. I am shocked at myself. But then again. Not so much.

So I again apologized to her. Well, lets just say that I had to make her tea four times today and will have to continue the process for a week to come. So it would seem the seed does not fall that far away from the tree.

And as we were having tea that all so similar announcement from the Masjid (mosque) started "hazraat, aik zaroori aelan samaat farmain, aik baccha, jis ki umar taqreeban chaar saal hay, apna naam farhan, aur walid ka naam rehan batata raha hay, masjid haleemia main hay, jin ka baccha ho aa kar le jain " (gentlemen, listen to an important announcement, a child, about four years olda)


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