Brush with the mystical

14 Rajab 1425

Today saw some very scary things happen to me.

My grandfather has a friend who is a pir. A mystic. A sufi. No, trust me it was scary as hell.

It is generally said that as you shake his hand while saying hello he can learn something about you. He will immediately give an opinion. Now, I am severely confused about my religious beliefs or the lack thereof along with my spiritual aspect or the lack thereof. So I knew that he cannot tell anything.

So, I just took all the eateries into the Drawing room while my grandfather and his friends sat there. Talking about someone who used to be very fat and is very weak now. My dada(grandfather) is old, so all he and his friends talk about is diseases. Very very depressing. Trust me.

So, I say Salaam and I shake hands with him. He looks into my eyes. Then turns slightly to my grandfater and says a couple of things to him about me. My grandfather said yes, you are right. Jalal is that way.

I had the wind knocked out of me so fast that I thought I was going to fall down. So I just sat next to him. I kept sitting there for half an hour. He kept talking about different things with the others. They talked about four general topics.

I can swear that those topics were chosen for me. I feel very strongly about all four things. And all four are very unusual and uncommon topics for discussion amongst friends. I was very very shocked.

He learnt things about me while not having seen me for more than two minutes. Then he talks about four things that he could not have told everyone there about me. So in a way he just told me irregularly.

Oh, and trust me, there were no freak coincidences. This seemed all very planned. If it were a coincidence. It would be a once in a billion coincidence.

So here I sit. Scared as hell.


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