29 Jamadi us Saani 1425

It was wonderful watching more of the Olympics. Along with driving in the city of Karachi which is, if I may be allowed to use such language, a bitch. So the Olympics are all that are left at the end of the day to sit back and relax after horrendous drives in the city.

Today I was passing through a major traffic intersection called Lalukhet Das Nambar or in other (read: more anglicized) words Liaquatabad No. 10. Due to the fact that there is no traffic signal there it is a scene of complete chaos as a large number of vehicles from four different roads try to keep moving while cutting off each others paths.

The situation over there shows a level of chaos and complete breakdown of human civilization never before seen on the face of this good earth. It is mass psychosis at a level that even I am completely unaware of and hence shocked at. It is the picture of hell that Satan himself would feel honoured by.

As I passed through it a flash of ingenuity hit me and I chanced upon a name for the location. "Tehzeeb ul Ikhlaq Chowk" (Civilization and Ethics Corner).

Needless to say there are a lot of hidden osbcure cultural references in the title (It is the name of a pamphlet by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan) and I will not explain all of them. If you are a Pakistani and you did not understand this. You need to start learning. Immediately. So that in about ten years you will be able to call yourself mildly aware and educated.

After coming up with this wonderful name as I was driving in my car. I suddenly remembered something that I had heard in "Frasier" that perfectly fit the situation ... (Frasier to himself) "Oh Frasier, once again you suffer the misfortune of being clever and alone". I will leave today's post at that.


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