28 Jamadi us Sani 1425

The 2004 Olympic Games at Athens - Games of the XXVIII Olympiad. Good. Good.

What else can I say. I am a complete Olympics fan. My first proper Olympic watching was the games of 1988. My father made sure that we all sat down and watched the whole ceremony. Which we did. And we were very excited to see the Pakistan contingent come down as well. I was very young and the only thing I remember was that I was very happy to see Pakistan take part in an international event.

It turned out to be the great grand daddy of all international events. The Olympics.

Since then I really enjoy watching the Olympic games and the ceremonies. They are different every time and with every city there is a new flavour. All in all, a wonderful experience.

So all I can say is that ... "ΑΘΗΝΑ 2004".

Oh and yes. Please dear God let Pakistan win some medals this time.


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