25 Jamadi us Sani 1425

Well, I was right. Whoever it is does read my blog. I am still hoping that it is someone screwing with me. Actually it is slightly unnerving. So whoever you are. And whyever you are doing this. Please stop ok. Just tell me who you are.


Man this is no longer a joke. Ok.

Fuck, I never thought I would have to talk to my stalker this way. Actually, there was one fantasy. But in that the guy tells me who it is after a few hours and then comes over to my house at 0300 in pouring rain and we do very naughty things.

This is not like that.

So, whoever it is. Man can you please, just please tell me who you are ok. So I dont get comepletely freaked out everytime there is sound outside my window.



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