25 Jamadi us Sani 1425

I just saw "Sweet Home Alabama" . No, dont you dare judge me, I was alone and bored and this was the only movie on at that time. And, well, I did not like it. So I would not recommend it. But, as it happens, it has two very hot men in it. Or by some counts three. So you should indeed watch it.

And those two gentlemen are Ethan Embry and Josh Lucas. Lucas, hmmm. If you got this 'Lucas, hmmm' thing you got it, and if you didnt get it, you didnt get it.

And I have to admit, there are too many jeans in this movie to flutter the hearts of any man loving things out there. Oh, I didnt tell you this? Well, along with every other item of clothing. Jeans really turn me on as well.


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