23 Jamadi us Sani 1425

Today was one of those days when I talked to myself a lot. Like all such days, I kept telling myself to shut up a lot as well. Along with this came the usual reply, "I am not going to shut up, prude". Upon which instant my overly excited self and the cautious one both realize that they have to shut the hell up.

It happened at the pool. I was walking to the showers and I said to myself "Jalal you lucky dawg you are losing weight". Upon this there was a snap "Oh my God, are you actually talking to yourself loudly, ... , again?". There was a sudden comeback "Yes, I am, and I will, prude". Upon which I got to hear "Oh shut up, and shut up". It is about here that I realized that a few people were actually looking at me. So I did shut up. But I will show him yet. Ah, I love fighting with myself.

When I was driving back from the pool I suddenly laughed very loudly and for an instant I accidentally let go of the steering. Then I suddenly said, out loud, to myself, all alone in the car, "What is a marriage?" and then, I answered myself, even though I didnt allow myself to give the punch line and destroy the joke - "A contract allowing two people to nag, harass and critize each other".

And then I laughed some more. Then I suddenly realized that if someone else was not looking at the road and actually watching me closely (yeah, right, like that is what people do on the road) then they would think I am crazy. So I stopped acting insane. Put on loud music and bobbed my head to it.

Oh dear Lord! I am so screwed up.


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