17 Jamadi us Sani 1425

I had to take a cab early this morning. I woke the cab guy up from what I thought was a nap. But later on he said something about there being rain in the night. I realized that he had actually slept in the cab. A quick look at the cab told me that this was his home. This was all that he had.

When we stopped and I asked him how much money I had to pay him. He gave me the actual fare and not the hightened fare that I am used to. I had the wind knocked out of me. Just because this guy leads a clean and honest life he is suffering and everyone else who cheats and lies has the fruit.

I realized that "Allah kay yahan der hay andher naheen hay" (Allah may take his time but doesnt let wrongdoing go by). And then I realized that (don't ask me through what logic) it was my job to set the thing right. To be the link in the chain that actually holds.

He said the fare was Rs 70. I gave him Rs 300. Sure, it was too much. But I think I will cut back on things this month and I will make it upto that guy. It is my job that at least at my level I can take care of things when I see them wrong.

After doing this for another person I am so happy. It makes me feel more Pakistani. It makes me feel more Muslim. It makes me feel more human. It makes me feel complete.


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