13 Rajab 1425

Today was one of the most hectic days of my life. I went to work early. I came back late. According to the time of leaving and coming back home About 0620 to 2040. So I got back 20 minutes ago.

Got a glass of cold water. Told ammi (mother - doh!) to make me 4 fried eggs and toast for dinner. Told my sister she looks fat which relieved half of my tiredness. But then she told me that I look stupid. Then I had to tell my other sister that she looks like her nose is bent. Yet again that made me feel better. But she told me that my nose is bent. So I just shut up. Came into my room, closed the curtains, dimmed the lights, stripped to my shorts, put on some music, and now I am blogging.

Damn! This post gives too much information about how I spend my time when I am very very tired.

Also it kind of reveals how a family, with too many people coming back from arduous work, in a hot humid climate, at the same time, will behave with each other before they unwind.


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