10 Rajab 1425

Today's post is dedicated to artists. No, thankfully for you I will not write essays, pamphlets, booklets or tretises on what different artists and their art makes me feel, how I relate to them and what they are about to me. I will just list a couple of artist's names that I have been looking at lately.

- Rembrandt
- Renoir
- Van Gogh
- Monet
- Whistler

Ahhhhhhhh. What bliss.

Ok, Ok, goddamnit. I admit it. Ok? Happy now? Happy? Huh?

Well, I admit that the last few posts have been writeen because I have become a boring working man. The 9 to 5 guy. With the after 5 life consumed by comedy shows and music. Actually it is more like an 8 to 9 guy. Since I get home at 9pm. Then I dont have time for anything.

So there. Happy now? I have said it. (Female Dog)!


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