08 August 1425

I spent last night in the houses of five different people. From one place to another. We went to some because they had the good dvd players and sound systems. We went to some because they had full refrigerators and good foods. We went to some to see the wonderful scenery of the sun rising over the ocean.

Lets just say that last night I saw two movies and drank about ten cups of tea. Along with that I painted the faces of two friends who were sleeping in a room besides ours. One was painted black and the other blue. We used ink and shoe polish. Yes, I know, I am a horrible, horrible person. Hahahahah.

I saw the movie called "The Village". And I see that Joaquin Pheonix is very attractive. But I saw that the movie was also very nice. I would suggest that it be watched and preferably quietly (Something that I wasnt given last night).


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