07 Rajab 1425

Ahhhhhh, what a wonder it is to sit in an automobile and drive along the beautiful boulevards of our great city of Karachi. With a roadside etiqutte that would shame the most law abiding of people and with a road system that would shame any other. Oh, what a wonder it is.

Not that that rant is over and I have gritted my teeth to a pulp I shall continue with today's post.

Come to think of it. There is nothing to post about. Except my behaviour on the road. So I will post about that.

I was driving, as usual, and someone decided to cross the road, while expecting me to stop, since of course, he being on foot had all the right to suddenly run across the road, with one hand raised to point out that I should stop. I mean, the gall of me to think that he can not cross like this. So, I did the unthinkable.

I leaned out my window and screamed out "Sarak dekh kar par kiya karo!" (English : "Watch before you cross the road!"). It felt good. Too good. I would have to say that it was equal to 0.19 orgasms. Which is pretty nice for something on the road here.


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