03 Rajab 1425

Hmmmm. There are about 32 days till my birthday. I will be 24 then. I will officially be old.

At this occasion I will put before you all a list that I had made when I was twenty (and in college). This is the list entitled "Things I have to do before I am 24". Unfortunately only one of these things had been finished. Although there is a desire to do the rest but I am sure I wont be able to do them all the same.

Things I have to do before I am 24

1 - Travel by road from Karachi to Quetta to Shiraz to Isfahan to Tehran to Baghdad to Damascus to Konya to Ankara to Istanbul.
2 - Finish the books "Alipur ka Aeli" and "Shahabnama" after starting them when I was twenty. They are good books but they are very very long and arduous.
3 - Watch the complete collection of "Studio Dhai" and "Fifty Fifty".
4 - Listen to a condensed collection of Mehdi Hassan's ghazals and geets.
5 - Have a Lobster Bisque. Whatever that is.
6 - Complete my collection of Pakistani coins and bank notes.
7 - Meet Ahmed Faraz, the eminent poet.
8 - Start going to the gym. (And this list was written four years ago, damn, I do know myself well enough)
9 - Learn Persian or Classical Persian.
10 - Learn how to sleep just three hours a day and still be fresh.

I have only been able to complete point number 4. And to a mild extend point number 6.

Damn it !


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