02 Rajab 1425

So, I was in an elevator. There was someone hurtling towards the elevator. I completely lose it and instead of opening the door I started saying arrrrraaaaayyyyy arrrrraaaaayyyy. In the meantime the other guy in the elevator rushed and kept the door open. At this point I was desirous of dying and disappearing at the same time. But I didnt. Damn!

And then this weeks retarded conversation ...

Overly Perfumed Semi Fat Girl (OPSFG) ... "One."
Me ... "Excuse me?"
OPSFG ... "One."
Me (Slight neck movement and voice intonation) ... "What???"
OPSFG ... "The first floor."
Me ... Oh! Ok!

And then the button was pressed. And self loathing was done. And death was desired more than before. And sweating was done.

Oh my God. To whoever marries me. Good luck marrying me.


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