01 Rajab 1425

Today, yet again, like so many times in the past, I went to my Bank. Like always it was an interesting experience. I go to the counter and give the cheque to a guy who definitely did not have enough sleep last night and was in a mood for nasty snide remarks and evil glares. But all the same I gave it to him without wetting my pants of muttering something stupid and insane.

I was about to turn when he asked me if it was my account. I said yes it was. Then he asked me if it was my signature. I said yes it was. Then he told me that the signatures do not match and that all three had to look the same. Looking at those puffy eyes and enlarged nostrils I decided not to fight back. I wrote another cheque in front of him and he accepted it after reading it for 5 minutes. Who the hell reads a cheque for 5 minutes. Probably someone with an IQ below 14.89. Doh!

Then the absolute worst happens. The cheque bounces and I am told to grow the hell up and have an idea of how much I have in the account. This time I was glared at by more than three people. Not a nice picture.

So I wrote another cheque that underwent scrutiny for 5 more minutes. I got my token and I sat down to wait for my turn to receive the cash. Yet again. As I was sitting there and the Bank was taking, oh, a gagillion hours, to give me the money I started fiddling with the token.

Suddenly I realized that the token was falling. It was falling and falling. Suddenly my reflexeds woke up (probably after a few years of sleep) and I groped for the token. As usually happens in this occasion (and as Mr Murphy would have it) my groping actually hit the token on end to speed its procession towards Mommy Earth rather than stop it.

There was a loud noise and the token fell and started to roll. I was sitting there looking at it in disbelief. This time unfortunately my reflexes didnt wake up and I did not chase the token down the middle of the Bank. Thank God. But I saw the token roll itself into the most unconvenient corner possible (again, as Mr Murphy would have it).

So I had to get up and tell the, oh, a gagillion, people to get off the sofa since my token was under it. They got up. Another guy pulled up the sofa. I took the token and then, miraculously, melted into the ground. What? That is made up? Yeah, you are right. That didn't happen in real life. But it did happen in my brain. So I sat down and tried to act invisible (that is, just be myself).

This time everyone was looking at me. I felt vulnerable and exposed, and not in a good way.

In the meantime my turn came up. I took my money. Then I ran so fast out of there that I broke the sound barrier and somehow ended up at home. Somehow.

So as I was saying. Sometimes I can be clumsy.


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