19 Jamadi ul Awwal 1425

Today was wonderful. For the past three days we have had wonderful weather. The monsoon is coming. It is continuously cloudy and windy. In other words. It is the best weather that we can want.

During the start of the monsoon season (Early July) there is an interesting phenomenon here. In afternoon on the day after a rain shower hundreds of thousands of little winged insects called 'پتنگا' 'patanga' hatch and spread all over the place. They move towards lights and they are so many in number that the whole floor gets covered with them. We had a sudden surge in patangas today :) Very very uncommon for Karachi.

Also ... I have finally managed to do the unthinkable. I managed to loose weight. And ... I have managed to do another thing. I now eat only fruits for lunch. Mangoes, Peaches, Plums, Custard Apples and a couple of Apples. I KNOW I KNOW that if I eat 500 kilos of fruit then it doesnt count as proper diet. But it is my life. Leave me alone.

Temper Temper Jalal. Oh you shut up!

Ohk ... just had a drink of cold 'diet water' to refresh myself and not gain any unwitting calories in the process. I am calm and normal and one personality again ... also ... I am weighing one pound less.



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