15 Jamadi us Sani 1425

Today was the once-in-a-month-all-cousin-dinner-in-a-restaurant.

If you think that was too long a word-joined-by-dashes. It is so because it is a big affair. It is large

enough to warrant me making a word by putting dashes between ten words. So to make this usage seem

normal I will tell you in ten points what the evening entailed.

Total number of cousins attending : 12.
Age range of the group : 16 years.
Slices of Pizza eaten : 68.
Litres of Pepsi drunk : 6.
Number of people fell of their chairs laughing : 1 (me).
Number of people shrieking loudly like gay men : 1 (me).
Number of tantrums thrown by younger cousins : 3.
Number of times older cousins scolded them very loudly : 1 (not me).
Number of times people said things that I did not like : 0. (Very uncommon for me).
Number of times I said things that people did not like : 0. (Very uncommon for me).

All in all a good evening.

Oh and yes ... point number eleven.

Number of times I stared at the waiters area : 1,764.


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