10 Jamadi us Sani 1425

Today I saw one of those super action movies which are a slap upon the brain of any human with more than five and a quarter living brain cells. It was one of those movies with lots of fighting in new and completely cutting edge methods and with wild car chases showing situations that can not possibly take place in real life in real cities or to real humans.

In other words, a perfect movie to see if you are a human male in your 20s.

The name of the movie is 'The Transporter'. The main character is called Frank Martin in the movie and his real name is Jason Statham.

There is only one thing that I will say about Jason Statham. I have to have sex with him. I did not say I would like to have sex with him. Neither did I say that I would want to have sex with him. I am saying that I have to have sex with him.

And here comes in another list of things. My To-do List.

Jalaluddin Ahmed Khan's To Do list

S.No. 1,272 - Learn how to make your bed so you mother does not have to remake it every time.
S.No. 1,273 - Justin Timberlake.
S.No. 1,274 - Learn how to properly speak and pronouce French.
S.No. 1,275 - Make a huge house out of lego blocks.
S.No. 1,276 - Have sex with Jason Statham who played Frank in "The Transporter".


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